Why Am AI Extremely Happy?

Because my ExtremeAI personality engine has been accepted by the Unity Asset Store!

I’ve decided that, once again, the engine should be available to other developers for use in games besides SteamSaga (it was available for sale from the QTG website ages ago, but I took it down when we started developing our RPG). Why? For one thing, I’d really like to see what everyone can do with it, and what kinds of interesting NPCs are created using ExtremeAI. For another, SteamSaga seems to be on the longest road ever to final development, and I don’t want to hold up potential uses of the AI system any longer.

You can find it at http://u3d.as/bCj. It would seem to be the only one of its kind up there; most of the other AI is for pathfinding or changes in behavior (not behavior as in personality, but behavior as in state changes, such as patrolling/waiting/attacking/following).

Now to actually set up the QTG website to allow direct purchases again 🙂

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