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Just the usual blurbs about the people writing this blog.

Jeff Georgeson
Jeff Georgeson is the president of Quantum Tiger Games, LLC, having created an AI personality engine to give NPCs human-like personalities that evolve in-game in realistic ways. He is now working on SteamSaga, an RPG featuring that very engine.

His fascination with things AI has spanned decades, beginning with crude attempts to create “something like in the movies” back in the 80s using BASIC, getting closer at the turn of the century with a desktop assistant inexplicably named “Brenda”, and culminating in the Extreme AI personality engine. Actually, culminating is entirely the wrong word; he intends to give AIs realistic speech and conversation abilities in the next few years.

Having decided after the aforementioned 80s that he might be better served creating fictional AIs, Georgeson became an English major and graduated with magna cum laude honors from the Writing program at the University of Colorado-Denver, writing short stories and eventually becoming an editor. He created two magazines, the second of which was moderately successful—Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine, which ran for three years. During this time he interviewed Kenji Kamiyama (director) and Yoshiko Sakurai (writer) of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and wrote an in-depth look at the potential of virtual idols and a feature article on the state of cyberpunk as a genre. Shortly thereafter he published a book of short stories, Guacamole Never Saved the World: Collected Stories, v1 (still available on Amazon.com, wink wink nudge nudge).

The creativity of coding came calling again, however, and Georgeson returned to university and received a Master’s in Computer Games Technology, with Distinction, from City University London in 2011. He started Quantum Tiger Games immediately thereafter. He and his AIs should rule the world shortly (isn’t that just the way?).

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