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Here are the rules!

Postby JeffG » Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:01 pm

(These rules are basically the same as those on other Boards for which I've been an admin, and they still seem to make the most sense to me.)

Basically, the main thing is that people should have common sense.

No nasty language. Have a good attitude. No linking to anything naughty (like illegal downloads or pornographic things). Nothing sexist, homophobic, racist, religiously intolerant, etc (use your discretion as to what is and isn't bad- I think people can tell the difference, even if they pretend not to). Don't talk or behave in an offensive or tasteless manner. It is okay to have discussions that touch on "mature" themes, but don't be crude and keep it as clean as possible.

Also, please remember that people on the Internet are all different ages, will have different backgrounds and cultures, and generally come from all walks of life. Gently help people who seem a bit misguided or young, and have patience. Always be asking yourself, "How would I feel if-" or "How would he/she feel if he/she heard that?" Also, if someone does not behave in an acceptable fashion, unless it is something that's just really awful, be civil about it. It isn't nice to talk down to people, although we all sometimes feel that some people deserve it. Finally, don't be too full of yourself.

Finally, don't act like a spambot. Spambots will be banned.

Besides these few hard-and-fast rules, the rules are really more an "attitude"...

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