New update already - BUG FIX

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New update already - BUG FIX

Postby JeffG » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:37 am

Now in the "OMG what happened?" department ...

An intermittent bug in the character reporting script was destroying the characters' initial reports of how they felt about the player, and thus making every final report full of "no change" in NPCs' feelings. Let that be a lesson ... although the actual game and AI engine were tested loads of times (and I realise by even saying that I'm dooming myself to another bug), the reporting script was not, as it was a last-minute add-on to let users know how the NPCs were changing according to player interaction. And by breaking, it was negating the very thing it was supposed to show ...

FIXED NOW!! You can download the game from the same link (, but it should be version 0.93 when installed.

So sorry!
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