use extremeai for player characters?

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use extremeai for player characters?

Postby blueivy » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:01 pm

Hi, this package seems just like what I was looking for for my game. Its going to be multiplayer where players can control different types of people, young teenagers, to elderly woman, and strong macho guys. each would have different personailities and would react to things differently. I have a few questions.

1) Is it possible to hook this ai up to a player character?

2) Does this ai hook up to an animation and dialogue engine to where say a personality gets frightened and he shows a scared face, and says "oh you scared me!" Would this require heavy coding?

I ask because you guys have a product thats the only of its kind on the asset store which I just happened to stumble upon. And then I had to register on these forums to ask these questions, which I dont mind because the product seems worth it in my case. Its a large barrier to entry. What would be killer would be your ai engine(including the memory one that you spoke of in the manuals) that could control facial animations and a dialogue system(which people will inevitably need with an ai engine), with visual scripting so non-programmers can easily create using it, i think this would become a instant hit must have unity asset. As a non programmer looking at the extreme ai user manual the code bit scares me :lol: And I know you guys are an game studio first and released ExtremeAI out of the kindness of your heart (I will be buying SteamSaga btw after learning about it through ExtremeAI) I just think this product is something that I've been waiting for forever and without it will probably have to go with a more watered down ai system. And then since all of that doesnt come free maybe have different tiers like a pro tier and and indie tier. Anyway i'm rambling but this looks like a groundbreaking product and can't wait to see more from this studio I just learned about today! :D
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Re: use extremeai for player characters?

Postby JeffG » Tue Mar 17, 2015 10:47 pm

Thanks for your comments! :D

In answer to your questions ...

1) You can hook the AI up to any character in your game; if a player character has a personality separate from that of the actual person controlling her/him, that personality can be controlled by Extreme AI.

2) Right now, Extreme AI is just the AI system; how you hook it up to animation and dialogue is up to you. In SteamSaga, I've created a dialogue system that queries Extreme AI and uses the result to choose the next element in a complex dialogue tree and an emoticon (sometimes); this system could be modified fairly easily to fire an animation as well. I'll probably do a programming demo of this at some point (once I get past the basic demos on how to set up the system and make it do some more basic things, of which I only have one up right now--

Best regards, and if you have any further questions/thoughts, please let us know,
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