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Basically the ReadMe file found with the game itself
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ReadMe file

Post by JGeorgeson » Mon Sep 02, 2019 6:25 pm

Manager: A Sports Management Mystery
Beta/Demo Release

Thank you for downloading Manager: A Sports Management Mystery! This is both the beta release (meaning I've done about as much in the way of finding bugs on my own as possible without going batty) and the demo release (in terms of showing off my AI personality engine Extreme AI). As such there are bound to be some errors/bugs.

PLEASE contact me at with any comments/suggestions/bug reports! You can also contact us via our Forums at Those making contributions to sprucing up/fixing errors in the beta release can (if you like) be listed in the final version's credits.

Note that the beta version is fully functional but does not go through the entire story of the game. Also of note ...
  • Conversations with other teams' managers are far more developed than those with your players. This is due to my own time limitations. However, note that the few conversations you do have can have a significant effect on how well they play for you (or even if they play for you).
  • This version of the game includes, at the end, a brief summary of how your head coach and the other managers feel about you (due to their interactions with you throughout the game). It also includes the actual OCEAN facet values of those characters' personalities, including the initial and final values and the extra adjustments for interactions with you, the player. The extra adjustments demonstrate how much a character can, for instance, trust you specifically, while the much lesser changes in overall personality show how they might now react in general (in this case, perhaps being a little more prone to trust others, too). Note that the personality changes are exaggerated compared to "normal" human changes due to this being a game and not real life; the speed of change can be adjusted in the ExAI engine (in games you build using it). Note also that the general personality changes are affected not only by you, the player, but also by each character's interactions with each other and their own teams. See for more specifics about how ExAI works.
  • It works in widescreen (16:9 or 16:10-ish), but definitely not in 4:3, so if you're trying to play this on an old CRT screen, it's not going to look pretty. Or work, really.
  • Right now there's only a PC version. Unity will let me compile for a Mac, but I have no way of testing it to see if it works. If you'd like to test it out for some reason, let me know and I'll give it a try.
I will be writing/performing (lol) various tutorials using this game and its development as a base. Please contact me if you want to be kept apprised of the progress/release of these, or keep up with my blog ( or YouTube channel ( ... rG1JAY43cQ), or follow me on Twitter (@QuantumTigerAI).

Thanks again for playing, and I hope you enjoy it!
Jeff Georgeson
Quantum Tiger Games
Twitter: @QuantumTigerAI

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